January 16, 2019

Episode 066: My Checking Account Balance Plummeted

  • What had me staring into space asking, “Uhhh, how am I going to do that?”
  • The story of the perfect client who almost got away
  • My exciting Sunday game plan that got thrown way off track in the craziest way
  • Why I’m thrilled with a number of pitches that didn’t go very well
  • A very helpful financial lesson
  • What has me intrigued and curious
  • Two incredibly reassuring phrases people shared with me
  • Two clients who have gone from devastated to feeling great
  • My encouragement to reach up


“My checking account dropped precipitously.”

“Maybe this is a great opportunity to re-write that story.”

“I’m gonna go for it anyway.”

“I can see where I messed up, which is so wonderful.”

“I do need money in checking.”

“It’s really important to me to be in integrity.”

“This whole week I haven’t been in fear at all.”

“It’s been a push and it’s also been doable.”

“There’s definitely hope.”

“They’re normalizing that that higher level is possible for my brain.”