January 23, 2019

Episode 067: Boundaries, Aha! Moments, Trust, and What Already Feels Like a Billion Bucks

  • The vulnerable story of where I learned to put a boundary (more to this story in future episodes!)
  • How I’m stepping into more ownership of my business decisions
  • My realization that I’ve been a difficult customer and what I’m going to do about it
  • Are you an entitled consumer?
  • The big financial goal that is coming back into view
  • The things that have me feeling sorta scared and doubtful
  • An update on 5 pitches, plus an unexpected benefit
  • The principles that I am leaning into trusting
  • My baby step into credit card debt, my financial awareness, and a feeling of calm
  • What already feels like a billion dollars that is present in my life


“Success looks inevitable when it’s already occurred, but it really doesn’t feel that way when you’re in the middle of it.”

“We all like to talk with our loved ones about what we’re up to.”

“We all need social support and to bounce our ideas off of people.”

“I want to be a 10x, super fan customer.”

“I love these things where I can change myself.”

“I’ve done it already. How did I do it?”

“Coaches are human.”

“Reality is all kind.”

“This financial number is not how things are always going to be. It’s temporary.”

“The money’s coming.”