February 6, 2019

Episode 069: The Price of a Terrific Education

  • The day that thrilled me!
  • Bringing Rumi in for back-up
  • The expansive project we’re tackling that is meant to help people shine their light brighter
  • Seeing new possibilities for our coaching team
  • The lens I’m taking on high expenses that has me feeling happy
  • How parallel parking is like marketing for me
  • The two disparate ideas I want to practice holding in my head


“I choose to go through those challenges.”

“All of those trains are slowly picking up speed.”

“My finances are in the pits.”

“If that’s the price of this education, so be it. This has been incredible.”

“I had a major skill fail.”

“If you’re starting something new, it takes more work.”

“The challenge is not perpetual.”