February 13, 2019

Episode 070: Tears, Awe, and a Cliffhanger!

  • My message (and question) to my future self
  • Where I normally live in time
  • Taking stock of the results of my cash flow scramble efforts
  • The question that’s on my mind to ask my coach supports
  • What made me cry mid-meal
  • The revelation that is dawning and the reflection I’m finally owning
  • A distinction between human and talent
  • How a mood swing turned into a nap turned into compassion
  • The disconcerting juxtaposition of seeing financial abundance en route while looking at diminishing financial position in the moment
  • My fear around coming back from vacation and looking at my bank account
  • How I’m priming my brain to see abundance no matter what


“Emotions pass. Whatever problem we’re facing dissipates.”

“Ok, maybe super short-term cash flow thinking is not the best way to go.”

“I’m not holding my value clearing enough. I’m not vetting people clearly enough.”

“I really saw more clearly than I’ve seen before the gifts that are flowing through me.”

“I just need to ask for what I want.”

“By putting myself in environments with bigger players, it gives the bigger player in me a little more freedom to show up and to shine.”

“I think it might be a little bit… big.”

“The money is coming. The value is there. I can charge a lot more. I can do a lot more with people.”

“I don’t want a single number to control or determine my emotional state.”

“Can I be delighted upon my return no matter where the finances are?”