February 13, 2019

Episode 071: I Chose This Growth… Darn

  • New here? Catch up with a re-cap of what’s been happening
  • How did I get here?
  • What I think this season of discomfort is actually creating
  • Why I’m simultaneously happily dancing full out and feeling nervous/ questioning my sanity
  • The edge I’ve been skating
  • What had me working over part of my vacation
  • The big mistake I made in a recent speech and the lesson I learned from it, plus how I immediately applied it
  • My intention for the conference I’m attending
  • The rest of the story about my cash flow crunch (at least for now)
  • The result that was NOT obvious to me in the moment


“This particular time period in my life is kind of bewildering.”

“This is a very predictable world.”

“I’m putting the pieces together in a new way.”

“This is so painful.”

“I’ve put myself in this corner.”

“There is a feeling that the universe is supporting and helping me.”

“I’m not conscious of everything.”

“I want to convey just how unnerving this has been.”

“The craziest thing happened.”

“That will help a lot with my confidence and peace of mind.”

“In making these decisions and planting these seeds, I’ve been going against some of the dominant mindsets around me.”