February 13, 2019

Episode 072: Tough Conversations About Marriage and Business

  • The big, loud warning flag I received from someone I respect about communication in marriage
  • My happy realization about my story and positioning
  • The dramatic change in the pace and intensity of growth I’ve been pursuing
  • The unusual metric I’ve been using to optimize my business around
  • What I realized I prioritize above even my marriage
  • The thing we launched while I was on vacation
  • Where I’m happy to have returned
  • My tendency on performance curves


“It was starting to feel wrong to me. I was feeling sad.”

“I’ve been around really smart people my whole life.”

“How it’s been painful and terrible and not that bad all at the same time.”

“There’s a need to embrace more imperfection.”

“I have a really, really big commitment to not playing small.”

“It’s going to be really interesting to see how my idea of how this will work will bump up against the reality of people going through it.”

“Those are some worrisome thoughts!”

“So much of my work as a coach has been getting people to performance; I didn’t even realize there was a high performance.”

“Stick with it. Get the supports you need.”