February 13, 2019

Episode 073: Pain Sets Me Free

  • A bunch of things I went through in pursuit of growth
  • The three phrases I lean on to move myself forward
  • My game plan to hit $1M in about four months
  • What do I need in place around me to offer that level of support to others?
  • The unfortunate return of hyperactive night-time brain
  • The niggling question that had me second guessing and feeling timid
  • My big insight around what had me feeling off
  • My transition from being on the field to being on the sidelines


“There was about four to five months where it just sucked.”

“Well, this really sucks and is painful. That probably means I’m on the right track.”

“Look where going through all of that got me.”

“It’s more pleasant to be in that kind of place.”

“I created a new normal for myself.”

“I know it’s very important to select the right clients who will really benefit from that level of investment.”

“I’ve spent a lot of it.”

“Of course I do what I want.”

“I don’t really care about status.”

“Everyone knows something I don’t and has something to teach me.”