March 13, 2019

Episode 075: Lemme Me Hop Up On My Soap Box for a Moment

  • That time I played lightning rod at 9:04 am on a Tuesday
  • How I handled what felt like a (well-meaning) sucker punch without personally getting hurt
  • How I was able to hold my value in the face of questioning
  • My insight about my new target client
  • Why I’m so glad I went through this experience
  • The value of actually interacting with the real world
  • The two fundamental helping rules that I live by
  • An error that I see a lot in the career coaching world around advice giving
  • Why I’m all for people hearing and trusting their own voice
  • Is it ok to let someone fail?


“I had been planning this for quite some time.”

“It was a lightning rod, which is what I had intended.”

“I didn’t handle it perfectly.”

“When someone comes charging at you, it’s intense.”

“That was a new insight to me.”

“It’s important to participate.”

“Conversations are not one thing set in stone that you have to get perfect the first time.”

“Help is best when asked for.”

“Help the person that you’re talking to with coming to their own conclusion.”

“Be careful about putting your limits on someone else.”