March 21, 2019

Episode 076: The Beauty of a Break Week

  • How would you behave if you were at your next level?
  • What I did with a week OFF
  • My experience of tunnel vision and rumination
  • What I think is absolutely necessary to weather storms
  • The big gift my parents gave me
  • The seduction of external metrics
  • The thing I look for beyond success or failure


“I had gotten myself completely worn out.”

“I do a lot better when I have sleep.”

“Ok, well, what do we do next from here?”

“I am concerned about protections and safeguards for me.”

“I’m concerned about the balance between pushing myself and caring for myself.”

“Success and failure are irrelevant if you have your internal world in order.”

“Am I doing my part? Am I showing up? Am I trying?”