March 27, 2019

Episode 077: Go to the Gym, Rest, Quiet the Mind, Do a Scary Thing and Call it a Day

  • The tasks that have me scared and my crazy big client goals
  • The strong pull of more comfortable tasks
  • What I mean by “hanging out in the highest vibration I can”
  • My new attitude about sleep and business success
  • How my imagination is fighting for my attention, sometimes at my own expense
  • How I feel about debt and interest accruing on a credit card


“I was confused about my priorities.”

“I don’t feel comfortable, but I feel secure.”

“I really do believe sales conversations are a gift when they’re done correctly.”

“If I take one action a day in the vein of landing clients like this, that’s all I need to do.”

“I am reaching quite a bit higher than I have before.”

“The money is coming.”

“It was really interesting to go through a period of scarcity around money and panicking a bit.”