April 3, 2019

Episode 078: Note to Self – Listen to This to Re-Center!

  • How I got my groove back
  • The book that has me gushing and pushing it on everyone I know
  • The big deal that I’m still processing
  • My week of bold moves and big pitches
  • What I learned from going deep with an entirely new type of clientele
  • What put me in an experience of a flow state
  • My procedure for when I am having trouble sleeping
  • A fantastic question to ponder!


“Screw business goals. Who cares? Just give me a good night’s sleep. That’s all that I want!”

“I pitched a $100,000 coaching opportunity with so much love.”

“From this goal I have already learned so much.”

“They gave me two hours of their life and trusted me to care for them.”

“Humans are humans everywhere you go. They’re dealing with stuff.”

“So far I have sold none of them, but I’m going to keep working at it.”

“I’m on my way back home.”

“It’s such a blessing to be alive.”