April 10, 2019

Episode 079: Growing Pains

  • Dismissal, doubt, difficulty, discouragement, and trouble working
  • Why an intellectual understanding isn’t quite cutting it
  • What has never been intuitive to me
  • The impact of a “painful” and an “ok” perspective
  • What has me wanting to go back and hide
  • My crazy aggressive goal… will it happen?


“I’m getting a lot of data and input. Results… not so much.”

“Can I just go curl up in a ball somewhere and stop reaching for these challenging goals?”

“So much of what I’m trying to do is just going to take persistence.”

“That’s my responsibility to handle the communication and to learn and do a better job.”

“Persistence seems to be the name of the game.”

“Going up against that difficult situation and sticking with it will ultimately make her a stronger player.”