April 24, 2019

Episode 081: Surprise; It Didn’t Break!

  • The surprising thing that has been bugging me in terms of aiming for clients
  • Where and why I kept getting lost
  • What has my shoulders hunched over and me avoiding the gym
  • Panic! And how I dealt with this feeling
  • The one email that I send that makes a world of difference
  • Introducing Be the Beacon and corresponding lessons learned
  • My mis-estimation around the length of time it takes to build a business
  • A huge aha around the career coaching business
  • Lots of questions about what’s next


“Things always look clearer and brighter after time away.”

“What is the highest level of client I can serve and still be in integrity with serving them?”

“The caliber of client we work with there is very high, particularly in terms of intelligence.”

“Wow, if we come together, what an impact we can have. And that’s very exciting to me.”

“It will work really well for Upholders.”

“It just takes a little time to get all the pieces to hit.”

“It did not break! It keeps running.”

“So that’s really right on pace with last year.”

“I’m so glad for the challenges, for getting stronger, for going through them.”

“What is the world trying to show me?”