May 8, 2019

Episode 083: Courage and Ownership

  • What I devoured over the weekend that wasn’t food
  • My new purchase that I’m having a lot of fun with
  • The three characteristics I see in current and future clients
  • What I didn’t want to share with a colleague
  • Why I’m so on guard against slipping
  • My big networking error that had me hanging my head at first
  • How I felt about receiving feedback on a weakness of mine
  • Places I want to be building a community
  • A big awareness of what’s actually contributed to my success


“I haven’t been producing much this week.”

“I’ve been really trying to pull in supports for next year.”

“That’s what’s going to expand your life.”

“Now I believe they exist, which is good.”

“That’s the most important thing that I need right now, someone to hold it with me and for me when I start to slip.”

“I’m gambling.”

“What can I learn from this group instead of what can I sell to this group?”

“I’m really interested in the new year.”

“I have the potential to hit a million in three different ways in the next year.”

“In our modern world it’s so easy to be isolated.”

“There’s a thousand angels reaching down, trying to lift us all up.”