May 15, 2019

Episode 084: Jibe-Ho! Maybe?

  • What’s coming into view about my target client
  • My sailboat metaphor for the life experience I’ve been having
  • The lesson from my Eeyore day
  • Walking the balance beam of feedback
  • The trip that I said yes to and the feeling that came with it
  • The FB post that brightened my day
  • What’s tricky about coaching this next level of client
  • Big news about one of my teammates


“I think I knew it all the way back then, but it took me all year.”

“All this year there’s been a lot of limbo.”

“Earlier this week I was more crying and more sad and uncertain if it would work.”

“I just got kind of lost in their perspective of how the world works.”

“Basically in the midst of everything there’s been some money worries.”

“This is a client I was so blessed to touch his life.”

“Oh yeah. You can make sales like these.”

“It’s wonderful to have closed a sale on Friday night.”