May 22, 2019

Episode 085: Do Your Part

  • Playing with mental limits… like how to mentally hold 10 to 100xing my pricing
  • The two BIG pitches I got out into the world
  • What has me feeling beat and proud
  • My turkey farm story and the preparation behind it
  • The importance of giving people scaffolding
  • What I used to not talk about, and what I just noticed about what I haven’t been talking about it
  • What I think I need to calm down my nervous system
  • A new discovery around spirituality
  • Why holding something for the world until the world catches on can be tricky


“No, that’s probably not the right option.”

“I’m a little bit worried that this price point is freaking people out and scaring them away.”

“No matter what happens, I can feel proud that I stepped up to the bat and I swung.”

“I’ve always been around really smart people, got brilliant training in systematic thinking.”

“What I’m really smart about is really smart people.”

“I just think of it as what makes life easy and fun.”

“My brain has been sort of isolated in my ability to do that.”

“A lot of how I’m able to do what I’m doing is from a clean intentionality.”

“Do the scary thing. Do your part. Take care of your locus of control.”