May 29, 2019

Episode 086: Gratitude for My Past Self

  • A revenue update!
  • Why going for goals and missing has still been valuable
  • How distancing myself from one business model is affecting my level of insight
  • How I’ve been feeling about my past self
  • Where I lost focus this year
  • The level of tightness I’ve been feeling around money
  • Will the cashflow in match up with the cashflow out?
  • The way coaching is like a yoga practice
  • The four scary actions I took this week.
  • What I want for year end and how things are probably going to go


“I sure got a whole heckuva lot out of trying.”

“I shook up my entire life and business.”

“I need to re-jigger it.”

“It was a really challenging year for me… I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.”

“I really haven’t been paying attention to it.”

“I’m interested to see how it resolves itself… It’s always resolved itself in the past.”

“The rhythm didn’t feel right to me.”

“It can creep into a day spent checking Facebook.”

“I am a bit worried about cornering myself with my price point.”