June 12, 2019

Episode 088: Feeling Wonderful with $100 in the Bank and $30,000 in Debt

  • The staggering financial situation from which I entered 2019
  • The weird juxtaposition of feeling great and financially stressed
  • The tremendous positive influence my coach had on me
  • Why supportive, non-judgemental listening is so powerful
  • My curiosity about energy
  • Reflections from my new energy lady
  • My helping mantra
  • The recommendation I received around energetic boundaries
  • The hunch I have about my Enneagram type


“It was interesting being in my home environment where I feel really, really competent.”

“I came home and laid it all bare to this coach.”

“By the end of the week more money is coming in, but it’s not here yet.”

“I really learn by doing.”

“How can I still be steady independent of whatever number is in the bank account?”

“That’s one more person who has their eyes on me, where I can get support.”

“I’ve been thinking and overthinking.”

“If you try to help someone who doesn’t want your help, it is not helpful.”

“It’s ok to be super happy and a high vibration.”

“My motivation and my drive is really to be helpful.”