June 19, 2019

Episode 089: Giving Yourself Permission to Learn

  • What has me chuckling about this podcast
  • The tight timeline I’m working on tonight
  • The financial request I made and received
  • All the things I LOVE about our career coaching work
  • How I felt about being coached recently
  • An empire state of mind
  • Reports from the energy lady; I’m not perfect, what?!
  • Changes to my routine to calm down my verbal brain
  • My desired feelings for 2019


“Money keeps coming in.”

“I am very excited to live in reality and see what I’m doing with my money.”

“I’m excited to see how fast I can clear out that debt.”

“You’re going to be doing work one way or another. Why not do the types of work that get you the big thing?”

“Let’s reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering in the world. That seems like a good thing.”

“I’ve been alone with this imagination, with this vision, with these ideas of what I can create in the world.”

“Coaches are great!”

“When I journal I talk to myself like a loved one.”

“So many people who have been successful in the past are holding out their hand and saying ‘grab on!’.”