June 26, 2019

Episode 090: Reforming After Turning to Goo

  • The most dedicated guest on this podcast
  • Two trips that have me excited
  • The resource that perpetually upgrades my life that I believe in so much
  • A gift just for listeners of this podcast!!!
  • What it feels like to re-form after turning to goo
  • Four questions that have been helping
  • The idea that is super motivating and puts me back in control of my life
  • A cool observation about my brain around food and company
  • Grappling with feeling joyful
  • Why this podcast has been amazing even if nobody listens to it


“Kinda missed the memo on that with my career coaching business.”

“The fundamentals are the same. The rules of the game carry.”

“No matter what level you get to in life, there are some fundamentals that if you just pay attention to them and get better at them, life improves.”

“Honesty, transparency, consistent communication are so important to me.”

“It’s never fun to be told that you’re off.”

“Where is an echo of that problem in my life?”

“I do have a nice default setting of being really quiet.”

“Is it ok to be joyful?”

“I learned a number of things from my past self.”

“Hey past self, everything worked out. It’s all fine.”

“I’ve been sleeping really well. It’s very helpful to push out other people’s problems.”