July 24, 2019

Episode 094: What Do You Love?

  • Playing with food in social situations
  • My (happy) hermetic, frumpy side
  • Why I’m holding my breath around some events I’m attending
  • My new year that is starting in March
  • My stand-up memory that has me smiling
  • Client wins that I am so proud to report on!
  • My old curiosity about who people are “off stage”


“There’s so much learning and growth going on, I’m not I can report on it all.”

“I really don’t like being told what to do when they haven’t taken the time to understand me.”

“My underlying goal is how can I show up the best that I can in my life for myself and for other people.”

“The wind is going to pick me up and take me somewhere, and alright, I better be game for the ride.”

“That’s kind of the dirty little secret about coaching. If you pick great clients, they get much better results.”

“I’m noticing how much I love constant learning.”

“What do you love?”