July 31, 2019

Episode 095: Fresh Perspectives and Fun Ideas

  • Reports from two conferences
  • Three people I met who made a big impression on me
  • The responsibilities of a leader
  • A great lesson about stability and experimentation
  • The memo I totally missed with my first business
  • Ideas and excitement all over the place!
  • An interesting learning about spirituality
  • Moving from limbo to action
  • The sweetness sphere of coming home


“I know exactly what to do.”

“I’m a leader.”

“My coaching team really cares for them.”

“It’s actually been really helpful to step away to get some more perspective.”

“I’m sold on this tribe building idea.”

“I’m not quite sure how it’s all supposed to fit together.”

“The insight that I got was just to be generous with all of it.”

“Whatever’s happening right now, I just need to accept it. The sooner I accept it, the sooner I can work with it.”

“Growth really feels inevitable right now. Like it’s just coming. I don’t have to worry.”

“This is the gold… And ohmygosh I already have it.”