August 7, 2019

Episode 096: Unresolved Problems

  • What created a feeling of bliss in my morning
  • An attack of nervous, warbly voice!
  • My bad night-time habit around unresolved problems
  • What the heck is a problem box?
  • My Zone of Competence
  • Taking a dive down the YouTube rabbit hole
  • The three structural buckets I’m looking at
  • Why intel sucks at first and then gets better


“This is my groove!”

“I need to seek out and heal a little bit around male mentors.”

“I really need to be more capable going to sleep with unsolved problems.”

“I actually like problems.”

“Why not go big?”

“I love coaching, and I love hiring people.”

“I’m understanding and coming to terms with a lot that didn’t make sense to me.”

“To have someone to spot us and see things that we can’t see is so important.”