August 14, 2019

Episode 097: Don’t Fall in the Gap!

  • How it feels to be playing with ideas
  • Where my sweet spot points me direction-wise
  • What has me feeling uneasy
  • What appears to me to be the highest value activity
  • The benefits of detaching from my business
  • My interest in good bones of a business
  • My growing standards and aspirations
  • Facing the gap!
  • Why I’m sold on having problems


“Probably my highest value activity is setting up systems for other people to succeed within.”

“What do I see now? How could we incorporate tech?”

“Taking the time to do this journey of stepping away and exploring… I know it’s gonna pay off.”

“Maybe I should just get right into action.”

“What is the highest value place I can be putting my brain to get long-term wins?”

“Building is so much fun for me.”

“It would seem there’s always plenty of work to do.”

“It makes a lot more sense to be open and kind and participating with this group of people.”

“The container that you pick for whatever you’re doing is like the biggest decision.”