August 28, 2019

Episode 099: Life is a Lot More than Work

  • The office change I made that felt so good
  • The note that made me happy
  • Who Be the Beacon is for and the results people are getting
  • Fresh insights around my role in the marketplace
  • A re-frame around goals and growing and enjoying the journey
  • What’s reducing my worry and reassuring me
  • My hunch about the worst dimension of my business
  • Some thoughts about saving the planet


“Some of our original members have been in it for seven months!”

“I love how being a part of positive, growing environments gets things done that wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise.”

“How do I win the world with whatever I’m creating?”

“It can be have fun with that competition.”

“There’s plenty of growing to go around.”

“You get what you aim for.”

“I don’t have to get so caught up on doing the right thing.”

“Whatever next step I take, I’m going to grow in some way.”

“I think we could push each other and support and collaborate.”

“I’m just really happy that I have a full life.”