September 4, 2019

Episode 100: Three Months Into the Year, What Do I Have to Show for it?

  • Remembering my fun, crazy, ridiculous, stupid goal with affection
  • The resource I’m having the best time reading
  • The distinction I’m seeing between using business for personal growth vs. for business
  • Bragging on my clients
  • The difference between practitioner and promoter brain
  • Grappling with some excellent advice
  • What I’ve been doing with the first three months of the year


“As I’m listening to it today, I feel like a different person.  I’m like, who was that person?”

“Maybe I’ll do a profit goal.”

“Coach or systems.”

“Gosh, marketing is so not intuitive to me.”

“What, you want me to show people the extreme of possibility? You want me to show people fantasy?”

“What if I just enjoyed where I am, what I’m doing?”