September 25, 2019

Episode 103: Money Plans

  • Getting to be a witness to people stepping into fuller, richer, more authentic versions of themselves
  • What I’m noticing about my clients
  • My counting error
  • The importance of environment in achieving a goal
  • The metrics I’m using to track towards my goal
  • Contrasting struggle with ease
  • Taking forest baths


“I had tears in my eyes earlier about the courage it takes to step up into who you really are.”

“It’s like another light has come on in the world.”

“Somebody’s gotta keep an eye on these things.”

“What is my intention to the money when it comes in?”

“I am not at the level to handle that responsibly.”

“I just like to have someone looking over my shoulder.”

“Every problem I believe is a gift.”

“Look around. Notice the beauty.”