October 9, 2019

Episode 105: Reeling from An Extreme Data Point

  • My interaction with extreme alignment
  • Where my expertise actually lies
  • Grappling with my client avatar
  • The familiar feeling I experienced
  • What thought process put a bounce in my step
  • How I was able to move through a slump much more quickly
  • Stepping into my hero brand archetype


“I like to press on people’s personal systems.”

“Who am I looking for?”

“Ok, back to the lab. Back to figuring out what to do next.”

“I keep having these frustrations because I keep picking hard problems because I love hard problems.”

“I’m actually right where I want to be.”

“Oh, yeah, it’s supposed to be hard.”

“The capacity piece I did get right.”

“Let’s just be the team that we are.”