October 30, 2019

Episode 108: Winning the Week

  • My re-frame on a shorter work week
  • Amazing career coaching client wins!
  • Progress on basic bodily functions
  • What I’m noticing from this season of stepping back that’s lasted about 18 months
  • Wanting to want something
  • How I’m feeling about debt still hanging around
  • A very personal decision that’s changing the future trajectory
  • Setting up a game you can win


“I felt pretty down about the lack of potential progress in this week.”

“I just like following through on things.”

“It’s like the fundamentals of any sport.”

“It’s easy to miss it.”

“Where you focus really impacts on where you’re going to get.”

“What I really want and what I really like is a good challenge.”

“My actions speak louder than my words.”

“Kids are a great place to put love.”