November 27, 2019

Episode 112: Running Out of Methods of Procrastination

  • My first time doing this new thing
  • What I was trying to keep up with on vacation
  • Grappling with breaking with traditional female roles
  • The most important thing to think about when hosting a workshop that I have historically forgotten
  • The big project that is staring me in my face
  • The one thing I don’t know how to do yet


“I loved my vacation.”

“I’m so happy I have coaches in my life. They keep me on track and noticing things.”

“How do I know if I’m being successful.”

“We get to be outdoors. We get to be moving. We get to be coaching.”

“What’s interesting is that I’ve kind of run out of distractions and procrastination things.”

“My go-to is brute force, like just get this done.”

“I’m not overthinking things. For many many moons I was stuck in this overthinking things.”

“I just know that things tend to work out.”