December 4, 2019

Episode 113: Hooray for Doing That!

  • Why I climbed a 100 foot tree
  • Gushing feelings of happiness and joy
  • The issue that I’m best at solving
  • New understanding from research conversations
  • What had me grinning
  • A financial update
  • What exploration really feels like
  • The nice thing about actions


“I tend to attract really wonderful clients.”

“Oh, people aren’t just living in this place all the time.”

“My brain is expanding. Look at what we can do. And look at how fun it is.”

“I knew when I started making that ask, I’m going to make it in a big way.”

“I love untangling people and getting all the beautiful expression of who they are out into the world.”

“I love being in action.”

“People come for the result, but stay for the community.”

“Let me hone in to my focus. Let me take every action I see in front of me. Let me be courageous.”

“Clarity comes through taking action.”