December 18, 2019

Episode 115: The True Benefit of Going for Goals

  • Fun and resistance with office re-decoration
  • Dealing with an unexpected refund
  • The new, jaw-dropping prospect I called in
  • Should I be worried now?
  • A dawning realization of a place where I am an extremist
  • What we covered in my four hour coaching session that knocked me out
  • Peeking around the corner into taking a stand
  • My philosophy around what you bump into when you set goals


“I had my office in a certain way for a number of years and just accepted that that’s the way it was.”

“Just to make this office represent where I am now and who I am now.”

“I really want this high level match between who the client is and who I am and the work that we’re doing in the world.”

“Clients always come in. They always land. Money always flows.”

“I think it will be really helpful to have a point of view instead of just a problem that I help people solve.”

“All of a sudden I was like, oh, maybe I should go make some money.”

“It’s good to have good people around you. It helps a lot.”