February 19, 2020

Episode 124: Starting to Dig Through My Own Psyche

  • The cool things are happening in my world
  • A place where I’m seeing a need to work
  • The surprising physical signal I just caught onto
  • My newest humbling lesson as a soccer coach
  • Why I value being involved in my community
  • Money stories and their impact!


“I didn’t know how to figure some things out on my own.”

“We all need help because we can’t see our own psyches very clearly.”

“I really like my style.”

“We either repeat or rebel against a pattern.”

“It stings a little bit when you’re doing your best and looking at the world one way and then somebody points out, hey, you’re missing something.”

“It’s funny to see I built this whole business and in a way it’s a shell.”

“Money is neutral. There’s only the story we tell about it.”

“I unlock extreme potential into the world for the benefit of the world.”