May 6, 2020

Episode 135: Plans for 2020

  • What made me feel impatient with my 2020 plans
  • The jolt I’m anticipating with re-entry into action
  • Trying to find the match between what I do best and new clients
  • My tangible monthly financial goal
  • What feels like settling… in a good way!
  • Lessons I’m picking up from some phenomenal leaders


“I’m interested in that collaboration and seeing how it all comes to fruition.”

“I need to still keep good boundaries and give myself room to decompress and wind down.”

“I notice some zest or zing.”

“Make sure my priorities are in order.”

“I’d gotten switched around a little bit and started putting work above everything else.”

“Can I live my priorities as well?”

“It’s fun to live life and figure things out and make mistakes.”