May 27, 2020

Episode 138: Vacations are Good and a Podcast Shift!

  • Re-jiggering morning and evening routines
  • A dark chocolate habit
  • 2019 year end numbers and tax prep
  • Closing in on an ideal avatar
  • Getting caught in my own marketing hook
  • What I prefer to look at instead of money
  • A big podcast shift!


“It feels like so much more consciously creating.”

“I felt really great this whole week.”

“It may shift over time, but that’s where I’m starting.”

“I think anywhere where there’s someone living out of the truth of who they are.”

“Who had felt guided away from who they are.”

“A billion is out of the range of a lot of people’s imagination.”

“I could never get done in twelve months what I can get done in ten.”