June 10, 2020

Episode 140: A $250,000 Lesson

  • What I walked into and right back out off
  • What affects our experience of life the most
  • The lessons I learned from playing with money, relationship dynamics, independence, and client avatar
  • Why I’m letting go of a specific monetary target
  • A brand update that’s coming into view
  • A new learning about money


“Things are clicking over here, which is awesome. I notice that I feel good pretty much all the time.”

“In going for that goal I got a $250,000 lesson.”

“It feels like there is a whisper of a dream that is creative, artistic, or a healing aspect.”

“These themes are really important in terms of these clients: relationships, money, creativity, independence, security.”

“The thing that I’m most about is setting people free.”

“My main thing is this calm, still water: spacious, white space, peace.”

“Just going for a goal always has rewards.”