June 17, 2020

Episode 141: Our Journey

  • Our new podcast intro!
  • An update to my family
  • A great month end to January
  • What I’m spending a lot of time reading and learning about
  • The two frames I see around thinking about money
  • New questions I’m asking myself that I’m so proud of
  • The weird habit I noticed 


“It’s important from a marketing point of view to get into the avatar’s way of looking at things.”

“I’m looking for powerhouse, visionary executive level women who feel trapped in some type of work identity that really isn’t true to who they are.”

“It was nice to be validated in not panicking because panicking really doesn’t pay off.”

“There’s just a lot to learn when you’re a small business owner.”

“You need to watch your cashflow.”

“Oh, this is how you handle money in a business.”

“There’s something to being willing to go through the learning curve.”