June 24, 2020

Episode 142: Stepping into More Financial Maturity

  • What’s been happening by Thursday in my workweeks
  • The 180 degree financial switch taking place
  • My switch from an exploration phase to a working phase
  • Two ways I needed to mature
  • My financial to-read list
  • Common small business owner financial errors


“Did I actually do anything this week?”

“My stance over the past few years has been spend out, expand, reach, push, stretch, do uncomfortable things with money, be ok with taking on debt, learn how to cope with different monetary positions.”

“I don’t regret doing any of them, because they helped me click certain things in place.”

“I was trying to figure out, where is my next level of business?”

“I really went hard on the independence thing.”

“A business owner that other people can rely on needs to have their money in order.”