July 29, 2020

Episode 147: How I Got Outfoxed by My Own Marketing

  • Podcast transformation
  • My hilarious monetary framing
  • Unexpected benefits of hosting this podcast
  • How my marketing hook hooked me
  • My call for beautiful souls
  • A cool practice I picked up from one of my spiritual directors


“That time I outfoxed myself with my own marketing.”

“I’ll frame my podcast around money, and then I’ll talk about all these other concepts that I actually care about.”

“I started stepping into what it would mean to own a billion dollars and what it wouldn’t mean. This was a fabulous mental exercise.”

“I’m not motivated by money. I’m motivated by being helpful.”

“It’s about each of us sharing our unique gifts and being supported along the way.”

“Don’t be afraid to get your podcast premise completely wrong for 2.5 years, because you can always change it.”