September 2, 2020

Episode 152: The Downsides of Positivity and Optimism

  • The habit I have around this podcast
  • What I’m noticing about the rate of things bubbling up
  • Re-centering in appropriate boundaries
  • The downsides of positivity and optimism
  • How optimism plays into vision and aim
  • Grappling with Covid and cashflow
  • Letting go of perfection


“I did realize, ohmygosh, I bit off quite a bit here.”

“It has also been giving some time and space for things to bubble up.”

“I can out positive almost anybody.”

“As you may imagine, it’s a little less fun to be in not as great an energy and headspace.”

“It’s been interesting watching my mind.”
“Am I right? Am I wrong? Am I going to make a mistake?”

“Am I trying? Am I putting out effort?”