September 16, 2020

Episode 154: There Are Amazing People in the World

  • Some thoughts on community building
  • What I felt like I missed from some groups
  • My intention to create a soft place to land
  • Our first newsletter for our podcast guests
  • Technology for the win


“I’m sure I’m a better person just from getting these cool people’s input into my brain.”

“I’m much more interested in the well-being of the leaders.”

“Just a sense of caring for folks. That’s really what I love to do.”

“I hope it’s a good experience for people to be on the podcast and I hope I can create a good community feeling for people.”

“You’re not that far away from people.”

One Comment on “Episode 154: There Are Amazing People in the World

Denee Barr
October 2, 2020 at 3:27 pm


I appreciate your focus.
Let’s get back to celebrating what is unique about each other and magnify those gifts.
We raise the energy and vibration in our world that way positively.

Warm Regards,

Denée Barr


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