October 4, 2020

Episode 156: Reflections from 3 Years of Podcasting

  • Some reflections on what this project has been and what it has taught me
  • What were you thinking about six months ago?
  • Why extreme success isn’t enough
  • How the podcast shifted over time
  • Why I’m ok with sharing this unpolished and imperfect period of my life
  • Learning in public


“It’s about to get a whole lot more valuable and interesting.”

“Everything passes.”

“All of those things give color to life.”

“I also shifted the podcast from my journey to our journey.”

“Life is an opportunity to learn and grow and contribute and give and create in the world.”

“It’s ok to be on the journey of finding out what’s in alignment for you.”

“To consciously create your life and to connect to what’s true for you and who you are and then to share that with the world.”