May 2, 2018

Episode 030: When You Aren’t on the Same Page as Your Team

  • The essential first step required to make any big goal possible.
  • The inside track on the big team meeting and how it didn’t go as I hoped.
  • What needs to be rewarded as a business grows.
  • How my idea of my team being able to pick things up telepathically didn’t work out!
  • How I botched the transition from vision to leadership and what I learned.
  • The key importance of having the right business supports in place.


“A business needs to be profitable. A business needs to reward things that are financially valuable with financial compensation.”

“There needs to be an alignment between actions that affect the bottom line and rewards for those actions.”

“If our imagination is out of touch with reality it can kind of drive us crazy.”

“I got lost and it was painful.”

“Now we’re in reality. Now I can respond to what you’re actually thinking.” (rather than making it up.)

“I wanted my team to be right there behind me, no problem, but…”

“I botched the transition from vision to leadership.”

On the big goal – “It’s done in my head and I can just enjoy the journey.”

“We all make mistakes, that’s how we learn.”

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