May 9, 2018

Episode 031: The ‘Already Done’ Secret to Success

  • Why I’m putting my big goal in its place and why you should too.
  • What weightlifting has to teach you about reaching your big goal.
  • Work is super fun and engaging and that’s a problem.
  • The one question you MUST know that’s just beyond your big vision.
  • My amazing perspective on failure and why everything’s A.O.K.
  • Why dropping my ego helps me pick up with my big goals.
  • Why I’m putting meditation on my to-dos even when there’s so much to do.


“It’s good to go to sleep and it’s good to go to the gym and to see friends and to have a life outside this goal.”

“The work is already done.”

“I know I can do it. I know it’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna be painful, there’s gonna be bumps and all of that, but mentally it’s done because I see the vision and I’m 100% committed to it.”

“Let it be fun. Let it be enjoyable work. Let it be pleasing, collaborative, interesting. Take it one step at a time.”

“What is the next to-do?”

“If this happens or doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world.”

“The world is so far beyond ME, so far beyond this goal.”

“It’s all OK, so try to find that piece of mind.”

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