May 16, 2018

Episode 032: Lessons in Leadership

  • The ‘in your face’ method of team communication that didn’t lead the way I thought it would.
  • The space between my vision and where my team are and what lies between.
  • How I completely messed up my initial presentation on the big picture to my team.
  • How I got my team facing in the same direction.
  • ce.


“It was sort of like dropping a totally unfiltered blinding light into a dark room.”

“This is where we are going, we can do it, let’s do it. I think it will be a lot of fun.”

“I am learning leadership skills by living them, by making mistakes, by hanging in there, by sticking with my team.”

“Leadership is listening, it’s holding a vision, having a vision, holding onto it and holding space for other people to grow into the vision and grow themselves through that process.”

“Take the time to listen to your team, to understand where they’re coming from. Try to hold a really clear vision for them, so that they can move towards it.”

“If you’re not in a leadership position I would say look for a good leader. Look for somebody who has that clear vision, who listens to you and who is willing to help you grow.”

“I think good leaders, good followers, all of that, when we put them together, we can made a real difference to the world.”

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