May 23, 2018

Episode 033: You’re Where You Are and That’s OK

  • The magic that happens when you bring together the right kind of people with the right kind of service.
  • Why I got a little jealous of my team.
  • The importance of going through discomfort at a time of great growth.
  • Why leaders sometimes need to hand over the fun projects and why that sometimes feels like handing your spade and bucket to another kid in the sandpit.
  • Why I’m kinda looking forward to the uncomfortable projects in the works.
  • How I hope to shift some responsibility to my team over time in a low-risk way.
  • Why learning to put your toys away is a key business skill.


“We actually have something here that consistently delivers.”
“It’s not just a fluke that people are coming in and getting great results.”
“I need to pay attention to my own growth and my own experience.”
“I can’t live through other people.”
“Where’s my growth and where’s my next challenge?”
“I don’t wanna hog all the cool projects.”
“If I run everything that will squash everyone’s input.”
“It’s cool to have the chance to create and to enjoy the experience.”

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