May 30, 2018

Episode 034: Behind the Scenes on My BIG Business Goals

  • I share 5 top business goals for the year. (They’re HUGE!)
  • Why I’m trying out swimming in a bigger pond.
  • Ever felt that you had only a small tube of space in your life and a huge number of activities that might not fit in that tube?
  • Why even though we’re striding forward we’re not actually going anywhere (and what’s great about that).
  • How taking care of your internal world, home, health and relationships can have wonderful outgrowth for your business.


“It’s going to keep being a good day.”
“The journey we’re about to go on is really just for fun, it’s something we can enjoy in a way that is sustainable and keeps us healthy and whole.”
“I think we are all really set up to hit this goal.”
“There’s no real urgency.”
“I can feel good now.”
“The way I have set it up now, my revenue for next year is zero and I can be happy and content.”
“I’m focusing on coming back to center.”
“I can be happy, healthy and grounded right here today.”
“I’m not actually going anywhere. I’m just here doing my thing.”
“We can set up the year in a way that is manageable, comfortable and challenging, but not burning us out.”
“The human brain is not meant to operate in isolation.”
“We can handle this growth in a sane way.”
“What supports do you need in your life?”
“Internal world and state is going to be my experience of life.”

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