June 6, 2018

Episode 035: Year in Review – Insider Scoop

  • Inside scoop on our six 5 figure months.
  • Our REAL expenses figure and my take-home pay.
  • Why figures are not the only thing I reflect on in a business year.
  • My go-to end of year questions for reflection.
  • Why after 6 months of consistent income I’m not resting on my laurels.
  • How I’m setting up a business game that I can win.
  • Why I’m not really going anywhere in business and life and why that’s a good thing.


“We are closing in on our capability of being consistent with our clientele and consistent with our earnings.”
“It was an expensive year.”
“Know the difference between revenue and income.”
“Back in the day, life was kinda driving me and little by little over time I’ve become better at driving my life.”
“I did get wrapped up in the work and a little consumed by it particularly when we were kinda hitting savings and reserves were running low.”
“Six months running we have created consistent income.”
“I wanna create a game that I can win and I mean that on a day to day basis.”
“We’re not really aiming for some destination, where if we finally get there everything’s gonna be OK”
“To my mind, it’s always right here, right now, it’s my team collaborating well… that’s really the point to me.”
“If we pay attention to setting up the journey in a good way that will be really beneficial to all of our wellbeing, to the work we do in the world and also keep us healthy and grounded.”
“It’s not like we have to figure out something faster than anybody else to be successful.”
“We just need to let people know we can help them, more people, spread the word and if we do that we’re winning.”
“I’m going for an abundant sense of time, an abundant sense of possibility and to really enjoy the journey.”
“In life we’re not going anywhere. We’re always right here.”

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