June 13, 2018

Episode 036: Become a Big Fish by Swimming in a Bigger Pond

  • How to give yourself days where you can win.
  • When my “big work” day didn’t go to plan.
  • What batch cooking can teach you about business building.
  • Tease on my shortcut opportunity to hit $1M.
  • Do you suffer from old folder procrastination?
  • My book recommendation that might just help you believe that bigger things are possible in your business.
  • The amazing power of normalizing BIG numbers when it comes to profits.
  • Why my $1M revenue goal is actually pretty small.
  • The FIVE elements of my business that I need to stay aware as I go for huge business growth.
  • Why I need to step away from business projects.


“I’m still being too ambitious with what I’m asking of myself and I do want to reel it back in.”
“I still need to get better at understanding what I can actually get done in a day and in a week.”
“When something scares me I wanna do it.”
“I’m putting myself virtually in a pool of really big fish and that’s where I wanna be.”
“Are you hanging out with people who are at your level? Are you reading things that are at your level or are you hanging out with and reading things of people who are farther ahead and beyond what you are currently doing?”
“Paying attention to and investing some time with people who are a higher level is a great strategy to get your brain in that same space.”
“OK, people have done a lot more than this, so this is totally doable.”
“Look at where you’ve been, where you’re going and also are you asking a reasonable amount of yourself at your current capability or are you perpetually setting yourself up to feel like things aren’t done.”
“I would recommend setting things up in a way that is doable.”

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