June 20, 2018

Episode 037: Little Sniffles, Huge Business Growth

  • The temptation to push through when you’re under the weather.
  • The challenge leaders face to get everyone on the same page.
  • Why being overwhelm is part of the deal.
  • Just why this homebody is going out of town.
  • When all your marketing starts to click into place.


“Our marketing is clicking more and more and more into place.”
“I can really see how we’re setting ourselves up to push the gas and attract more clients.”
“Man, growing is hard. I’m happy to be doing it at a big picture level, but in the moment as I’m bumping up against problems.”
“We are setting more ambitious goals and there’s definitely some reshuffling going on in the team and how they’re thinking and what they’re  wanting.”
“I’m going through a big learning curve and making mistakes around communication, around leadership.”
“Not every step feels surefooted.”
“I’m grateful for the team we have. I’m grateful for the team we’re going to become.”
“It’s no small thing to have people come together and try to go for a goal.”
“Teamwork is magical, it’s challenging, but it’s really magical.”

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